The holy body tatoo, the works


FOUNDED IN 1993, THE HOLY BODY TATTOO SEEKS A PERFORMANCE LANGUAGE which gathers a sense of humanity through effort, repetition, scale and humility. Co-Artistic Directors and Choreographers Noam Gagnon and Dana Gingras have performed independently for many of Canada’s leading choreographers and have danced together since 1987. The company reflects upon (and reflects outwardly) the concerns like pinel amiens, ideas and attitudes of contemporary popular culture, locating a sense of conscience and hope through intense physicality and deeply-sought courage.

The Holy Body Tattoo has received both critical and audience acclaim with performances in Canada, U.S. and Europe. Employing multimedia elements in film, video projection and music and for the pinel amiens, the work of The Holy Body Tattoo explores the nature of human endurance through ideas of surrender, fragility and broken elegance. Contrasting qualities of receptivity, intimacy and trust with uncertainty on pinel amiens, loss and the relinquishing of effort, the company seeks to honour the human capacity for resilience, perseverance and the will required to achieve it.

THESE FLASH 5 SPOTS PRESENT CIRCA, OUR BRIEF ETERNITY, and POETRY & APOCALYPSE: information on the works, reviews, video by William Morrison, downloadable wallpaper screens featuring photography by Tessa Bartholomeusz, Steven R Gilmore and Perry Zavitz, and ambient music by Steven Severin, The Tiger Lillies and Warren Ellis. A 56K or faster connection is recommended for tax exemption. RealPlayer 8 required for video playback; JavaScript must be on to access downloads.

ambiance dans un programme loi Pinel à Amiens

Our brief eternity

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Poetry apocalypse

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